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In The Beginning.... Bob Marley was born on Februrary 6, 1945 in a small village called Nine Miles in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica. His father was a white British Naval Officer named Norval Marley and his mother was a Jamaican named Cedella Malcom. His father's family did approve of this relationship, so he was an occasional visitor. Unfortunatly, his father, Norval, did not live to see his son's success. His Success...
Bob made his first successful record when he was sixteen in Kingston,Jamaica. His song was called "Judge Not".
In 1963 the Wailers, Bob's band, was formed. The band included Bob, Bunny Livingston later known as the Wailer, and Peter Tosh. Their first song, "Simmer down" was an instant #1 in Jamaica.
This is Bob MArley and The Wailers.
Also in 1966, Bob Marley married his wife, Rita Marley. Rita was one of the back-up singers of The Wailers. She was part of a group called the I-Threes. They had four children together, Ziggy Marley, Sharon Marley, Cedella Marley, and Stephan Marley.
In 1972, The Wailers got signed to Chris Blackwell's "Island" label and gave them $8000 for them to produce a record. "Catch a Fire" was a result from this and was released in 1973. This was a breakthrough album selling all over the world. They appeared on BBC television in United Kingdom, and in New York where they were the opening act for Bruce Springsteen.
When the touring schedule got hectic, Bunny Livingston decided to leave the Wailers and Peter Tosh decided to concentrate on a solo career. That, made Bob Marley have his own solo career so there was a new line up for Bob Marley.The band was called Bob Marley and The Wailers. Carlton and and Aston Barrett were on the rhythm section playing the bass and the drums and the I-Threes were the back-up singers.
The debut of Bob Marley and The Wailers,"Natty Dread" was a huge success. In 1975, they played at the Roxy in Los Angeles. In the excited audience, there was Ringo Starr and George Harrison(the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Jack Nicholson. In Jamaica, Bob was known as a mystic and a prophet.
Bob Marley was a very political man. When Prime Minister Michael Manley approached him, Bob decided that he would play a free show. Bob was on Manley's side for the elections. This however did not impress Edward Seaga, the opposition leader of Manley.
On the evening of December 3, 1975, a group of gunmen that were thought to be Edward's, went to Bob's house and shot Bob, his wife Rita, and Marley's manager. Luckily, no one got injured.
In 1976, Bob had to cancel some tour dates because he had melanoma cancer on the big toe of his right foot. This came from a football injury that was thought to have healed. Fortunatly, the cancer seemed to go away and he continued to share his music to the world.
In 1979, Bob introduced reggae music to more parts of the world touring New Zealand, Japan and Australia.
In September 1980, Bob collasped while jogging in Central Park, New York. When he went to the doctor, the doctor said that the cancer was back, now in his lungs and brain. Bob stayed in New York for treatments but they did not work. Bob decided to go back to Jamaica for his last days but he was so sick that he had to rush into a hospital in Miami en route. On May 11, 1981, he died in the hospital. His body was then returned to Jamaica where it was placed in a specially constructed mausoleum at his birthplace, Nine Miles, Jamaica.

Bob Marley was a symbol of human rights. Through his lyrics, he fought for social equality and criticized the people who were unfair. He sang about peace,love,and equality. He had helped the world be more peaceful and now people in the world are more fair. We hope this will continue.

Musical Influences
American Music
Joe Higgs
Lee Perry
Punk-Reggae Fusion
Rock steady to Reggae
Ska To Rocksteady

Haile Sellasie-the leader of the Rastafarian belief.
Bob MArley liked to play soccer.
Bob MArley performing.

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